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Diemme MicroFlex direct flow filtration process reduces filtration times, increases cartridge life, and maximizes the quality of the filtered product.

Diemme’s MicroFlex system utilizes the patented IntelliFlex software. The IntelliFlex software continuously analyses the filtering conditions and adjusts the filtration parameters as needed in order to optimize the filtration process. The MicroFlex technology utilizes less energy, costs less per litre filtered, operates at significantly lower pressures, and produces higher quality filtered product than cross-flow filtration. The MicroFlex system uses standard code 7, 30” cartridges. The MicroFlex filtration system is offered in 12, 24, or 48 cartridge units capable of filtering from 1,800 – 24,000 litres/hour.


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Velo Acciai has over 20 years’ experience in the stainless steel industry. It was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Mr Giovanni Velo, with the aim to design, test and propose new products for the winemaking and agro-food sectors in general.

Over the years the company made a name for itself thanks to its growth as a company and in the market. Both the company and its sales distribution network have seen considerable growth.

Attention to product quality has always remained a constant at Velo Acciai, and despite the large scale production methods, its products have always stood out for the customised work made to meet specific c client requirements using state of the art technologies and methods.


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