• De-palletisers
    • Semi-Automatic
    • Automatic
    • Lift-off type
    • Sweep-off type

Mas Pack is a dynamic company working in the design and manufacturing of machines and plants for the packing with a marked disposition for technological innovation.

Mas Pack was established in Canelli (AT) thanks to the entrepreneurial perseverance of its founders, the Scaglione family: the father Dario with over 40 years’ experience in the branch, supported by his son Gianluca. From the beginning the company focused on the production of packing machines for the requirements of local wine producers. The high quality characterizing the machines led to a rapid success and expansion on the market.


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  • De-palletisers
    • Manual
    • Semi-Automatic
    • Fully-Automatic
    • Lift-off type

OMA has structured its organization with a manufacturing plant, assembly and testing of machines with various satellite companies for preparation and pre-processing material, with the aim of introducing market Italian bottling machines in the field with the criteria of innovation, high quality, based Dott.Baldi OMA Automated Mechanical Workshops.

A bit of history OMA receives the first major awards presented for the mechanical packers ‘SIMEI 1971’, revolutionizing the market for packers, which until then could only rely on machinery with hydraulic and pneumatic technology.

The result was the first commercial network that affects the entire national territory, the focus now on the technical competence of vendors, service, flexibility and availability of supply and distribution of products. In the ’80s, following the evolution in factory to the launch of the first activities in the packaging industry in 1986 leading to the formation of the packing section, the concrete realization of the desire to be present industrial sectors in the most technologically advanced.


Bottle Depalletising