• Pressure sensetive labelling
  • Combonation ps/wet glue
  • Platform roation

The Cavagnino & Gatti Company was founded in 1955 and today with over 7000 machines supplied around the globe, it is one of the most important and reliable suppliers in the field of labelling machines. The commitment of management and staff to offer products of the highest quality and innovation manufactured in plants equipped with the best and latest technologies results in world-class labelling machines for the wine, liquor, beverage and food industries.
Cavagnino & Gatti’s philosophy is to be a 100% labeller manufacturer and not just an assembler as only by having the machining capacity and the knowledge to manufacture a machine in its smallest components enables you to have total control of the final product. This philosophy provides the opportunities to find improvement margins and to handle the critical areas.
For these reasons C&G labelling machines are flexible, durable, user friendly and can ensure excellent performance for a very long production life.


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  • Champagne capsuling with orientation
  • Tin/poly-lamintate capsuling
  • Heat shrink PVC capsuling
  • Benchtop and Inline Machines
  • Pressure sensetive labelling

From experience gained over decades of activity in the construction of labelling machines, the STS machines Enologiche, realizes this series of labelling machines for self-adhesive packaging.

Design with leading-edge solutions and a mechanically simple and easy to use by the customer allow us to obtain: perfect performance, total reliability, long life and easy maintenance.

The construction materials and metals of first quality, the utilization of sophisticated electronic control systems and the supply of engines Step / Step DC allow you to manage the unit labelling with a perfect product packaging.

Our labelling machines are suitable for any need and every type of container, which is cylindrical shaped.

Electronic control of settings by PLC with touch screen. Options include fully automatic capsule dispensing and application, double capsule and label orientation system, 3rd labelling station for champagne style neck label and photocell for over-labelling.