• Decrowning
  • Dosing
  • Disgorging
  • Isobaric filling

A young company with innovative ideas for the dosing / disgorging of sparkling wine.

Sole official service agent and distributor of Barida equipment.  Barida has developed the Poker 400 and 700 monoblocs with rotary operation whereas other manufacturers only use the rotary system for higher speed machines.  All of the Barida machines are manufactured with stainless steel frame and cladding with interlocked polycarbonate safety guards.  Wind up turret height adjustment. Transmission by alternate nylon and metal gears to reduce wear and noise.

Speeds ranging from semi-automatic 150bph to 400 and 700 bph fully automatic monobloc machines and up to 2,200 bph with separate decrowning and dosing / levelling machines.




  • Wirehooder

OMBF machines offer solutions suitable for all bottling requirements: corking, capping and wire-hooding.  Their range of products includes also specific machines for the production of sparkling wines/champagne according to the classical method (Méthode champenoise).



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